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Converting CVT to Revolver

The Thys 222 CVT can be converted to a Revolver version. There are two options.

Revolver with dyneema propulsion cable

When riding with dyneema is wanted, you need to convert the rear wheel. Both freewheel bearings, wheel bearings and freewheel housing with corresponding parts need to be replaced. The old stop bearing can usually be recycled very well.

Conversion CVT to Revolver, including:

  • synthetic Snek;
  • new freewheel housing with corresponding parts;
  • new freewheel bearings (excluding stop bearing);
  • new rear wheel bearings.

with 178 mm Snek: € 250.00 [in shoppingcart]

with 220 mm Snek: € 325.00 [in shoppingcart]

Revolver with steel propulsion cable

If you have a good alu CVT Snek it's best to leave the rear wheel as it is. Keep the steel propulsion cable, since the dyneema cable wears out fast on the alu Snek. The cable clamp on the foot slider is replaced by a gear ring with lock and corresponding parts.

Conversion of the footslider excluding a new footslider bearings but including:

  • milling;
  • gear ring, ring bearings and bearing holders,
  • locking system;
  • several parts for attaching
  • dyneema armstroke cable, dyneema propulsion cable and spare cables.

with steel propulsion cable: € 375.00 [in shoppingcart]

with dyneema propulsion cable: € 350.00 [in shoppingcart]

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