Menno van Blitterswijk wins European Championship Rowingbike for the second time

Menno did not get it for free; he had to do his upmost best to shake off Vincent Bouquet; the Belgium rowingbike rider who took a second place in 2010.
But also former Rowingbike Champions Andre Davidse ( 2010) and Martijn Mateman(2008) were in superb shape.
Newcomer Martijn Rempt was the big surprise during this last championships. This young ( 21) and rather unexperienced rider could keep up with the fastest guys.
The race was very close between these 5 sportsman and up to the last race - the sprint finals- the race was still undecided.
By winning the sprint finals Menno showed he was the strongest rider this year.

You can see pictures from Henk Meerman on;

Pictures from Sander Davidse on:

Andre Derksen made a video of the criterium, see;

Results EC Rowingbike 2011

Participants EC 2011

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