The International Rowingbike Federation

Several years ago, the International Rowingbike Federation (IROF) was founded. The IROF stimulates rowingbiking by coordinating and organizing rowingbike events across the world. It aims to maintain both model dependent class and an open class for races.

Membership of the IROF is possible for individual rowingbikers but also for (national) rowingbike clubs.


Latijnse schoolstraat 2, NL-4331 BR Middelburg.
tel: +31 (0) 118 623079
fax: +31 (0) 118 612511

Goal of the IROF

Goals of the IROF are to:

  1. promote rowingbikes and the sport of rowingbiking;
  2. create an attractive and very sportive uniform class where sportsmen and -women from different disciplines can participate with equal chances for everybody.
  3. create an open class between different brands of rowingbikes or homebuilt rowingbikes that can show their strengths and weaknesses. This should help improve the quality of the rowingbike sport and product.

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